ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman completely enthralled the party workers when he showed his dance skills to the tune of a party song during a public gathering in Islamabad on Tuesday.

But Dr Shahid Masood, a senior analyst known for his conspiracy theories, floated another theory during his current affairs programme on a private news channel about the performance of Zardari.

He said, “When I saw Zardari dancing on the stage I started thinking to whom he has copied”. Masood added, then, he found a video clip of an Indian film in which the actor had performed the same dance moves.

He also showed the video clip from the India film, Khalnayak, in which Sanjay Dutt was dancing on a song, “nayak nahi khalnayak hoon main”.

Zardari’s dance moves also came as a pleasant surprise to the senior PPP leaders who were standing beside him at the stage.

The former president of the country was dancing to a party song that was sung by famous folk singer Arif Lohar.